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Ethereal Hackathon 

On the weekend of October 21st, Consensys and Blockchain at Berkeley co-hosted the very first Ethereal Blockchain hackathon. We  recognized that for blockchain use cases to be viable, the underlying technology itself must first be secure and scalable. So, rather than simply “hacking” something together as expected at hackathons, we decided to take a different approach: research.


Thiel Fellowship Announcement 

Co-Founder, Aparna Krishnan is a recipient of the Thiel Fellowship, a group of 20 entrepreneurs pursuing world changing ideas.


The Need for an Incentive Scheme in Algorand

Algorand is a cryptocurrency protocol designed by Silvio Micali among others, which uses Byzantine Agreement (BA) to achieve consensus. Given that it is being pursued for deployment, we wished to conduct a crypteconomic analysis of the project. In this post, we aim to provide a justification for why it needs a formal incentive scheme.

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Oman student wins Thiel Fellowship

Aparna Krishnan, graduate from IGS Oman was awarded the Thiel Fellowship, which launched in 2011 providing mentorship to founders, investors, and scientists. 


SCET Blockchain Lab Announces Awards of $50K to Support Student and Faculty Projects

The Blockchain Lab at the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) is pleased to announce support for students and faculty who are contributing to blockchain's future with cutting-edge projects.

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A convo with Aparna Krishnan, Rising Blockchain Thought Leader

Bitsonline converses with Aparna Krishnan, rising blockchain thought leader getting her thoughts on her work and the space. 


Introduction to Blockchain through Cryptoeconomics - Part 1: Bitcoin

This is part one of a series about the cryptoeconomic incentive systems that underlie different blockchain protocols. This study of the incentives that secure blockchain systems is known as cryptoeconomics.


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